Awkward with a chance of success

Our generation as a whole is in one of the most awkward stages of life. The dilemma of being here nor there; neither this nor that. We are...."not quite there". (Read more)

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New Year New Money

Just yesterday, the world’s entire population found itself magically thrusted beyond the barrier of 2017 and into a bright shiny new year. No matter how great 2017 started, and no matter how poorly it ended, people have been walking around reflecting on what their resolution will be to ensure a better year to come...

Dealing with Changing Relationships

Growing pains encompass a lot of different things such as literal growth spurts, discomfort, evolution, depressive moments, freedom, adventure, maturation, and a myriad of other qualities that involve vast progression. As you grow into a more adult version of yourself, you start to walk on your own path to the beat of your own drum. You look different, you act different, you speak differently, but you are still you. You will notice that your relationships will start to change as you bounce through different parts of life including those with your "friends", your colleagues, siblings, parents, but also (and probably most importantly) yourself.

Lessons of Life: Why You can’t save Your Money

With student debt loads at an all time high, millennials are having a tough time navigating through their cold economic predicaments. A huge number of millennials feel as though they will never be able to repay their student debt. But maybe there is a way that they can...

To be a college kid with no Summer job

It can be a pretty tough reality to pack up your dorm, move back home, look on social media, and see all your friends posting the go-to "I just got a new job" picture in front of the sign of the company where they got their summer internship. #WorkLife #Prospering #GetThatMoney. There's no reason to... Continue Reading →

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