Awkward with a chance of success

Our generation as a whole is, arguably, in one of the most awkward stages of life. Of course it probably lands in a solid 3rd place after the “mid-life crisis” and, you guessed it, puberty.

The millennial age group includes anyone born between 1980 and 2000. The eldest of us are 37 years old. They’re not middle aged or “old”, but they also don’t use the same slang as the high school seniors of our generation. Those of us in-between this massive age gap are either fresh out of college or a few years out, trying to dig our lives out of the toilet after Sallie Mae came busting our doors down. We have not lost our youth and sometimes have the itch go party all night, but we are also new participants of the working class attempting to get out on our own and be real person!

This dilemma that each corner of our generational social club faces is the issue of being neither here nor there; neither this nor that. Thus, landing us in the third most awkward place in life called “not quite there”.

It takes a nearly impossible amount of self control, patience, and a heck of a lot of perspective to meticulously direct your way through this part of life. It is big and it is scary….but you can do this.

Better yet, let’s do this together.

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