15 signs that you’re growing up

There are times in your early 20’s – 30’s that, as life unfolds and you are tried by fire, you wonder to yourself: What on earth is happening to me?

The answer to that question is more beautiful and more encouraging than you probably ever realized. The truth is, if you’re doing it right, you’re growing up.

After many sessions of self-reflection, closely studying my peers, and enquiring with successful adults I have culminated a list of ways for the millennial of today to recognize the signs that they are developing through life and rolling with the punches….even if a few of those punches nailed you right in the jaw. *shrugs*.

  1. Living in your parent’s house just isn’t the same.
    • There are plenty of millennials who are still kicking it at home with their parents and let me start out by saying: That is okay! I’m one of them. But if you start to feel mild discomfort being at home with mom and dad, here’s why. You’re all adults and parents are used to being parents. End of story.
  2. You start to realize that there are times that winning an argument is worse than losing
    • If you’re the type of person who needs to have the last word, this is for you. Sometimes, the lengths we will go to simply to prove that we are right is more damaging than the temporary discomfort you feel from swallowing your pride and walking away.
  3. You don’t feel the need to entertain EVERYTHING.
    • Somebody got an attitude with you one day. Big whoop. You’ve got bigger fish to fry and better battles to fight.
  4. You stop settling.
    • When we were teenagers in high school and just wanted some spending money, we settled for any job. As young people, we just want to “get our foot in the door” and take what we can get. But let me tell you. There comes a time where the settling just has to end and you start to demand better because you realize your worth.
  5. Sacrifice is second nature.
    • Growing up requires sacrifice which is the flip side to settling. There is nothing wrong with having certain non-negotiables. However, we just are not in the place in life where we can demand demand demand and not sacrifice.
  6. You can finally say “I pay the bills”!
    • As you start to make more money, move out, and take on more responsibility you will suddenly notice yourself dipping into your own bank account as opposed to your parent’s. They love that, trust me.
  7. You stop trying to prove how much you know and focus on how much you still have to learn.
    • Mostly our teenage years are filled with the famous “I know that mom/dad. I’m not stupid” line. But the truth is that maturity allows us to realize the breadth of the things we don’t know about life and humbles us into intellectual submission.
  8. You take more interest in quality.
    • I am not only referring to clothes; but also sleep, time, jobs, food, relationships…fill in the rest of your blanks.
  9. You have flashbacks and/or nightmares about the (insert your name here) you were in college.
    • I think this may be pretty self explanatory…maybe *winks*.
  10. You quit saying “Im so old” because you secretly want to hold on to your youth.
    • Far too many young people in their 20’s always say “oooohhhh I am sooooo ooooollllddddd”! My answer to that is to say that same thing to the nearest actual old person. The pivotal moment for this to change might be the 30’s. It’s that age where you actually are approaching full fledged maturity but you’re not…old. You’re still young but not that young.
  11. Your energy does not necessarily deplete, but it changes.
    • Have you ever rolled your eyes at certain situations that you used to entertain and told yourself “I don’t have the energy for this anymore”. Yea. You’re growing up.
  12. Your priorities shift.
    • I personally experienced this in a more non-traditional way. I knew my priorities were changing when the things that used to not worry me started to worry me. With most people, they start to de-prioritize things once deemed important. But when I felt the fire of life light up under my butt, I scurried so fast into adult priorities that I barely realized how much I had changed! It hit me hard when I woke up in the middle of the night, checked on the house (that isn’t even mine), made sure everyone was asleep, washed some dishes, and returned to sleep myself. Such a mom move.
  13. Your complaining turns into appreciation.
    • Maturity molds our mind’s ability to seek out and find fresh perspective. Instead of complaining about a situation, you reconcile the hurt and frustration by squeezing as many lessons out of it as possible. Of course, it is MUCH easier said than done.
  14. Your idea of fun changes.
    • There comes a time when even the hardest partiers meet their match: age. Growing up is a sign of cognitive development, this means that different things interest you. The usual weekend bar plans might turn into dinners or hiking trips. You are not getting boring. You are just exploring different outlets of fun.
  15. Relationships change.
    • I was talking with a middle aged adult about their process of development. She mentioned her past relationships were never what they seemed as she reflected on them well into her adult life.

My boyfriends were not boyfriends. My platonic guy friends actually loved me. And my girl friends were not my friends. They were trouble makers. – Anonymous.

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