To be a college kid with no Summer job

It can be a pretty tough reality to pack up your dorm, move back home, look on social media, and see all your friends posting the go-to “I just got a new job” picture in front of the sign of the company where they got their summer internship. #WorkLife #Prospering #GetThatMoney.

There’s no reason to sit at home (even though you’re probably recuperating from an academic blood bath) and waste your summer. So to avoid the summer boredom blues, try out some of these ideas that you can mostly do solo.


Ready????? Let’s go.

  1. Discover a new hobby / learn a new skill.
  2. Take a road trip and visit some friends.
  3. Volunteer. Anywhere.
  4. Conquer a fear. Any fear.
  5. Try all of the restaurants in your town.
  6. Make a book list and read, read, read!
  7. Self reflect. You’re alone. Why not learn more about yourself?
  8. Make a list of goals and strategies for the next school year.
  9. Mow people’s lawns in the neighborhood or contribute to a community garden.
  10. Rest. You’ve got about 3 months and no job. Don’t stress yourself out. Take advantage of the time you have to rest and recuperate.

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