9 ways to break the creative funk

Everybody at some point in their life looses all creative flow. Whether it is boredom, grief, depression, etc. it all seems to swat our creative bug out of the sky and flush it down the toilet. Because, many times, the creative funk is linked to emotional peaks and valleys, it seems twice as hard to get a grip. However, I have come up with a few tips for inspiration that I hope will help the rest of you to get going and then keep it going.

  1. Rest your mind: Your brain simply can’t work if it doesn’t rest. It’s the same as rebooting a computer or filling your car up with gas. Treat your brain well and it will return the favor.
  2. Switch it up: Sometimes all we need  to succeed is a change of scenery. Instead of sitting inside trying to create a space conducive to creativity, use the natural spaces we already have like parks, nature preserves, and forests. You could even go to jazz nights, change the route you take to work, or listen to some poetry.
  3. Study other people: People provide lots of inspiration. When you study people who get you feeling particularly creative, you can start to recognize and mimic those things that make your brain tingle.
  4. Act fast: Don’t waste any time. When ideas come to you, your brain has already been kickstarted. Take advantage of the creative wave. Whether it’s just writing down your ideas or starting right then and there…do something to make sure you don’t lose that spark.
  5. Realize that humble beginnings are still beginnings: Your starting line is not what matters…the race is always judged by your performance across the finish line. Plenty of photographers started out taking headshots of family members in the basement using flash lights and tin pans in front of an old curtain as a backdrop…many of those people ended up with successful businesses.
  6. Get feed-back: Unless your work is personal and only for you, you’ll have an audience. It may be an audience of 1 or 1 million. Either way, your art is speaking to someone. Take a minute to see what people like…what turns them off? What scares them? Do you pull off risky moves? How can you intrigue who you are reaching?
  7. Find a synergistic partner: much like studying people who make you think, a partner is there to ensure your vigilant success. Partners are devoted to creating equally amazing products with you as they do alone. Brainstorming with another person provides perspective which often leads to more dynamically creative work.
  8. Study your own work: Take some time to evaluate what you do well…what needs improvement? Take a step back and look at the difference between your first piece of work versus your most recent. If you see growth, your creative stage is growing and you are accessing more skills. Keep on this path.
  9. Challenge yourself: Make yourself do something that you’re not used to. Can you find a way to pull it off? Sometimes you’ll fall flat on your face but atleast you made your brain take a different route to a destination. Keep doing this and you’ll find that you can do more than you think!

These tips are strictly from past experience by the author. No advice given is scientifically proven to be affective. This article is meant to be used at your leisure but does not guarantee satisfaction. 

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