About the blog…

cropped-cropped-tmf_header.jpgThe Millennial Forecast
(TMF) was an idea
birthed by an avid writer
who has
always been intrigued by millennial life. We are the first digital natives, we text faster than baby boomers can usually read, and we are the largest generational group this country has ever seen.

TMF is an effort to address the unique lifestyle that millennials have created while also bringing our daily struggles to light. Each article is written with the intent to entertain but also educate millennials as most articles offer some semblance of relief from the young adult struggle.

A few details..

Target audience: Anyone ages 18 – 35. Millennials. Anyone trying to understand millennials.

Theme: Millennial life.

Mission: To create a sense of solidarity and mutual respect for people within the age group while also creating a safe space for dialogue and comic relief.

Attitude: Upbeat, sassy, and educated 😏

About  the Author…

Danielle, Author/Founder

Name: Danielle

Bio: Danielle is a young and creative free spirit who loves to write. She is passionate about interpersonal communication and fostering diverse environments wherever she goes. With her bright mind and open heart, she continues to spread laughter, positivity, and awareness to broader and broader audiences.

Hobbies: Singing, Writing/blogging, Reading, Photography, Videography, Drawing.

Age: 23

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a specialization in Journalism. Class of ’16.

Favorite food: Everything

Favorite movie series: Pirates of the Caribbean

Favorite book: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Questions? Feel free to contact me!


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